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About Me

To say I adore my family would be an understatement. Everything I do is for them! We are an active, outdoor-loving, dog-obsessed foursome, and every single day brings a new adventure, and lots of laughs 😜 I feel incredibly blessed to wake up every morning and live each day surrounded by these incredible souls. So let's see if I can sum up the back story real quick...

I grew up in a military family in Northern California (East Bay Area to be exact). My dad served in the Navy, met my mom when he was stationed in Iceland, had my brother, Axel, and 10 years later came me! Growing up, I drove my parents crazy, so they put me in every sport and activity available. However, my biggest passions were dance and swimming. I completed my undergraduate degree at CU Boulder where I met my husband Marc, who was in ROTC preparing to serve in the Army. And this my friends, is when the fun began! 

Michele Maginn
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After Marc served 4 years on active duty at Fort Campbell, KY, including a year deployment in Iraq, life was a bit of a whirlwind. We moved to Southern California, then up to Northern California, had our first baby (our son, Kailer), moved to Georgia, had our second baby (our daughter, Kenzie), and finally made our way back to Colorado in 2016. 

This move was life-changing, rejuvenating, I could go on and on. We lacked balance in our lives and this was our opportunity for a fresh start. Embracing several different hobbies, we made a point to instill a passion and respect for the outdoors in our kids. I mean, look at everything we have at our fingertips here?! On the daily, they juggle football, rugby, cross country and dance. As a family, we love spending as much time as we can in the mountains fishing, hiking, biking, paddleboarding, rafting, skiing...anything that gets us outside. Being surrounded by such beauty truly brings me a sense of peace and clarity. 

My hope in this life is to have a positive impact on those around me. Ultimately, my goal is to raise our kids to be better humans than we ever could be and to pave the way for them to have an incredible life.

Michele Maginn Family photo collage