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My name is Michele and I'm a growth-minded Marketing Professional exploring opportunities to embark on a new career path. I have a deep passion for developing a culture built around collaboration and motivating a team to share a collective vision. While wearing many hats, I have learned to effectively build strong cross-functional partnerships to refine business processes, resulting in increased efficiency. Building relationships is one of my greatest skills, as I strongly believe that developing personal connections will drive business results. I LOVE to learn; I'm eager to expand my knowledge base and find a company where I can continue to grow and nurture my potential. Interested? Explore my site to learn more about my skills and experience, and please feel free to connect. Thank you for visiting!

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Michele Maginn

On a Personal Note

You've read the professional intro, now the fun stuff 😁  

I love to laugh • Reading takes me to another world • I love my Peloton Bike • Music can make my mood • I may have a slight obsession with dogs • I can't say no to ice cream • I work best with structure • American Idol is my guilty pleasure • Our mountain getaway is my happy place • If you cry, I'll cry • I try not to take myself too seriously • Did I mention I love to laugh?

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